Candidol – say goodbye to yeast problems

Candidol is a natural supplement which kills the yeast which causes Candidiasis.  Candidol is proven to kill 95% of the yeasts in your body.  Candidol can prevent the spread of yeast into its invasive fungal form.

Candidol is a powerful herbal antifungal cellular support formula that enhances your body's immune function so that balance and wellness can be maintained safely and naturally.  Candidol is formulated to kill the yeast, restore your gut to an alkaline condition and enhance immune and cellular function.

Candida begins as a simple sugar-fermenting, budding yeast which establishes itself inside your body, robbing you of vital nutrients and poisoning you with metabolic toxins.  At least 80 toxins are produced by the invading Candida fungus, including Canditoxin and Ethanol. These both cause your brain to release its own toxic chemical compounds that interfere with your nervous system.  Canditoxins trigger nervousness, paralysis, long-term immune system impairment and possible death.  Ethanol causes fatigue, aggression, depression, brain fog and toxicity.

If it is allowed to spread it enters its second phase where it becomes a deadly fungus which can become the root cause of many diseases.  Candidol uses unique orthomolecular blending of ingredients which allows the ingredients to be quickly absorbed where they are needed.  Candida causes many health problems and is often undiagnosed. 

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Candidol contains xylose which is antibacterial and antifungal.  It promotes the growth of helpful flora in the gut, maximizing nutrient absorption and strengthening the immune system.


Candidol also contains mannose which is the most important of the molecular glycans.  It helps strengthen the excretion system and helps to defend against bacterial infections. Proteins that carry mannose to cells activate macrophages that literally devour cancer cells, it also releases a substance called interferon which alerts and empowers immune defenses inhibiting disease.

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Candidol includes galactose which is vital for intercellular communications, promoting wound healing, decreasing inflammation and stimulating calcium absorption.  The Candidol formulation also includes N-acetylneuramic acid which is vital to many body fluids including, serum, cerebrospinal, saliva, amniotic, and mother's milk. It is an immune modulator that benefits many things and it is a powerful antiviral. It is 1000 times more potent than antiviral drugs used to fight influenza.

Also included in Candidol is N-acetylgalactosamine which helps in the prevention of many diseases. Evidence reveals it helps in tumor reduction and in promoting healthful heart cells. This is also key in promoting joint health and is also an anti-inflammatory.

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