Diamaxol can help control your diabetes
Diamaxol is a product specifically designed to control diabetes. Diamaxol contains a combination of herbs which work together to control blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels can drop by 50 points in 30 days using Diamaxol.
Diamaxol™  contains herbs which have specific uses in control of blood sugar. Diamaxol contains Banaba leaf, also known as botanical insulin, which lowers blood sugar and acts as a glucose transport in the blood stream. Bitter melon, recommended as one of the best herbal medicines for diabetes in the Philippines, improves glucose tolerance and regulates blood sugar. Diamaxol also contains cinnamon, which research has shown reduces the amount of insulin necessary for glucose metabolism, stimulating glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis to a level similar to insulin.

Gymnema sylvestre is also included in Diamaxol and has been shown to lower blood sugar levels I Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes by increasing cell permeability and hence reducing insulin resistance. Another ingredient in Diamaxol is huckleberry which strengthens the immune system, balances the digestion and helps to improve circulation in the small capillaries in the hands and feet.

Chromium is also contained in Diamaxol as reports have shown that it helps cells to respond correctly to naturally produced insulin. Diamaxol also contains zinc, which is required for many factors in correct insulin function, and the B vitamin biotin which is needed to process glucose. Studies have shown that Biotin reduces the fasting glucose levels by up to 50% in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and can help reduce pain from diabetic nerve damage.

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Diamaxol™ contains a blend of all these ingredients, in the correct proportions to provide the best natural treatment for diabetes working from different aspects. Clinical trials have been carried out with Diamaxol which have demonstrated its effectiveness. Studies have concluded that treatment with Diamaxol has partially regenerated damaged endocrine tissues which produce insulin, shown by increased islet cell numbers and restoration of near normal architecture of the pancreatic islet.

Diamaxol has been shown to be effective in the natural treatment of diabetes and testimonials have also shown this from personal experience. As always, your health care provider should be consulted and your condition monitored so that medications can be reduced as appropriate. Diamaxol™ could make a big positive improvement in your health whether you have Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic with insulin resistance.