Essiac could help you in the fight against cancer

Essiac is a herbal recipe prepared as a decoction, diluted in water and sipped as a tea.  Essiac is used by many people in the fight against cancer alongside orthodox treatments.  Why not enhance your body’s fight against cancer with Essiac.


Rene Casse developed the formula for Essiac from an original eight herb recipe given to an English woman with breast cancer at the end of the nineteenth century by an unknown Native American herbalist in northern Ontario.  She used her surname in reverse, Essiac, to describe the recipe.  The basic recipe for Essiac uses four common herbs in a precise formula and has had some remarkable success in the treatment of cancers.  The recipe contains are powdered Sheep Sorrel (whole plant), powdered Slippery Elm inner bark, chopped Burdock root and powdered Turkey Rhubarb root. 


Of the four herbs used in Essiac Sheep Sorrel has is the most acidic ingredient and has the destructive effect on the cancerous cells.  The other ingredients in Essiac have cleansing and detoxifying properties to purify the blood and to throw off any infection caused by the malignant growth as it regresses.  Essiac can be used alongside traditional treatments without causing any undesirable side effects.  Great care must be taken to ensure that Essiac is prepared using the highest quality herbs and using the quantities used in the recipe.


The effects of Essiac can be enhanced by making changes to lifestyle such as diet, exercise, reducing exposure to chemicals both in foods and in the environment and changing mental and emotional attitudes.  Diet can often play a major part in the development of cancers and changing eating habits can provide a vital boost to your immune system and body functions.  A visit to a qualified nutritional therapist will give you a personalised eating program to give maximum benefit alongside Essiac.

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