Gout – how to help yourself 

Gout is caused by excess levels of uric acid in the body.  The excruciating pain of gout is caused when the crystals of uric acid are deposited in joints.  The good news is that there are ways to prevent gout without the use of prescription drugs.

Gout is one of the most painful types of arthritis.  Gout is caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the body.  The uric acid crystals are deposited on the cartilage of joints, tendons and tissues causing an inflammation and pain.  Gout often strikes with pain, swelling, redness and heat in the big toe.  Gout can attack the ankles and knees and also fingers and elbow joints.

Gout is one form of arthritis which is affected by diet.  The uric acid which causes the gout is produced when purines are broken down by enzymes in the liver.  Avoiding foods high in purines like red meat, alcohol, anchovies, sardines, yeast, legumes, meat gravies, mushroom, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, beer and organ meats like liver is advised to avoid gout.

Foods which are beneficial for gout include dark berries, tofu, cheese, dairy and fatty acids found in oily fish such as salmon and flax or olive oil.  Gout sufferers should also eat a diet that is high in complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and foods low in protein like soy.  Lean meats and poultry, and foods with a fat content lower than 30% are also beneficial for gout.

The kidney is responsible for excreting about one third of the uric acid from the body while the remainder is removed via the gut.  Problems with the kidney may make you more likely to develop gout.  Obesity, alcohol consumption, joint injury, surgery, chemotherapy, crash diets and heavy eating also mean that an attack of gout is more likely.

What if there was an alternative to suffering the excruciating pain of gout?  What if you could remove the pain and swelling without using prescription drugs with their side effects?  The good news is that there are alternative products which can stop the pain and reduce the chance of further attacks.  One such product is Uricinex. 

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