Graviola – secret of the rainforest


Graviola has long been used in the herbal medicine of people native to the tropical areas of South and North America, for a wide range of ailments.  Graviola has been the subject of some research and is known to contain compounds which destroy cancerous tumours.

Graviola is a small evergreen tree with large glossy leaves which produces an edible fruit about 15 – 20 cm in diameter, dark green in colour with white flesh. The leaves, roots, fruits, fruit seeds and bark of the Graviola plant are all used in herbal medicine with different properties and uses being attributed to the different parts.  Graviola is known by different names in different countries.  In the USA Graviola is known as soursop and Spanish speaking peoples know it as guanábana. 

Graviola has antiparasitic, antitumerous, insecticidal and antimicrobial properties.  Graviola leaves are used as a tea for catarrh, as a sedative, heart tonic and for liver problems.  Graviola fruit or fruit juice is used for diarrhea, parasites and fevers while Graviola seeds Click to save on quality supplements! are used for parasites, both internal and external.  Graviola bark, leaves and roots are considered to be hypertensive, antispasmodic and sedative.

However Graviola has also been found to contain chemicals which have antitumerous actions.  These chemicals are called acetogenins and are able to selectively kill the tumour cells while leaving normal healthy cells untouched.  Researchers believe that this occurs because these chemicals in Graviola inhibit the enzyme processes which allow the cancer cell to flourish.  Cancer cells need much more energy to grow and multiply than normal cells.  The acetogenins in Graviola block the ATP, the cell energy supply, entering the cell causing it to die.  These have been shown to be up to 10,000 times more effective in killing tumerous cells in-vitrio than Adriamycin, a standard chemotherapy drug.

The leaf and stems of Graviola, which contain over 40 different acetogenins, are being used in alternative therapies as an adjunct to traditional therapies in the treatment of cancer.  Try it as part of your way back to health – buy  Graviola now.