Salba – Natures Supergrain

Salba, a white variety of Salvia Hispanica L, is a grain once used by the ancient Aztecs for health, stamina and healing.  Salba possesses superior nutritional properties when compared to other foods and grains.  By making Salba part of your diet you could achieve many health benefits.

Salba is a supergrain that has a high concentration of nutrients.  Salba is the perfect functional food and is the highest known whole food source of Omega 3 with 3.5 oz of Salba containing as much Omega 3 as 28 oz of salmon.  The same amount of Salba contains more calcium than 3 cups of whole milk, as much vitamin C as seven oranges, as much potassium as of 1.5 bananas and as much iron as three cups of raw spinach. 

Salba has the highest natural fibre content of any food and its protein content is more bioavailable than soy and equivalent to 1.5 cups of kidney beans.  Salba has an antioxidant capacity which is three times the strength of blueberries and Myrecetin counts 270 times the strength of red wine.

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Would you like to boost your energy levels and know that you are giving your body high levels of an amazing assortment of oils, vitamins and minerals?  Salba is considered by some to be the world’s most nutritious food crop and the Aztecs believed that Salba gave them mystical, almost supernatural energy and power.  Buy Salba now and feel the difference!

Salba is all-natural, has no transfat, is gluten free, has almost no carbohydrates and is non-GMO.  Salba is a white variety of Salvia Hispanica L which has been cultivated and given the new name Salba, is a combination of the botanical name "Salvia Hispanica L." and the Latin name for white, "Alba".  Because Salba is so nutrient dense it has a wide variety of uses including as an anti-inflammatory, it reduces blood pressure and studies have shown that it is useful in controlling diabetes.  Clinical results indicate the great health potential of Salba as a functional food. Salba has uses in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, in the elderly or when diets are restricted and hence nutrients not available and for athletes where Salba enhances endurance.

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Salba has been the topic of many research studies and because of its range of nutrients has many potential benefits.  Salba can be easily included in diets or as supplements.  Try  Salba , nature’s super grain now.

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  Salba Super Grain (100% Pure Salvia Hispanica L) - 1lb. Salba Super Grain (100% Pure Salvia Hispanica L) - 1lb.

Salba Seed Oil Protecten by Core Naturals - 60 gelcaps

Salba Super Grain (100% Pure Salvia Hispanica L) - 1lb.
Salba Super Grain (100% Pure Salvia Hispanica L) - 1lb.

Salba Super Grain (100% Pure Salvia Hispanica L) - 1lb.

Possessing an astonishing assortment of oils, vitamins and minerals, Salba? is the ''perfect functional food''...straight out of the ground! Salba?, a white variety of the ''Salvia Hispanica L'' plant was part of a 6-month study, headed by famed scientist and pioneer of the functional foods movement, Dr. Vladimir Vuksan - one of the developers of the revolutionary glycemic index at the University of Toronto, the same university where in 1921, Dr. Frederic Banting discovered insulin and won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. The article, ''Seeds of Wellness: Return of a Supergrain'' in The Saturday Evening Post (Nov/Dec 2005), details many of Dr. Vuksans? findings on Salba?. Here are just a few of the many superior nutritional properties he discovered: The highest known whole food source of omega-3?s found in nature;(3 ? ounces of Salba? contain as much omega-3 as 28 ounces of Atlantic salmon) More calcium than 3 cups of whole milk Higher, and more bioavailable protein content than soy, and more vegetable protein content than 1? cups of kidney beans Highest natural fiber content of any food?more fiber than 1 1/4cups of All-Bran cereal The iron equivalent of 3 cups of raw spinach The Potassium content of 1 1/2 bananas As much Vitamin C as seven oranges Antioxidant capacity three times the strength of blueberries with Myrecetin counts 270 times the strength of red wine Diabetic Safe Celiac Friendly In their summary findings, Dr. Vuksan and his colleagues concluded Salba?, ''could be considered the world?s most nutritious food crop and thus can be used as a global remedy for world hunger.'' Salba? has been investigated at the Risk Factor Modification Center, St. Michael?s Hospital, University of Toronto. In a study to be published later this year, Dr. Vuksan, Associate Professor of Endocrinology and Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto and his internationally recognized, multi-disciplinary team of research scientists conducted randomized, clinical, acute and long-term studies using well controlled Type 2 Diabetics and made the following observations: Salba? reduced aftermeal blood glucose and plasma insulin levels, compared to the control diet C-Reactive protein, a marker of inflammation, was significantly lower (40%) than control at the end of the study Salba? significantly lowered the systolic and diastolic blood pressure (>10mm/5mmGH) Salba? significantly decreased coagulation (blood thinning) by 30% No adverse effect was noted on glycemic control or blood lipids as previously seen with high doses of omega-3 fatty acids There is evidence that (Salvia hispanica L) was first used as food as early as 3500 B.C., and served as a cash crop in central Mexico between 1500 and 900 B.C. The seeds were eaten alone and mixed with other seed crops, drank as a beverage when dissolved in water, ground into flour, included in medicines, and pressed for oil. Aztec rulers received seeds as an annual tribute from conquered nations, and the

Salba? Seed Oil Protecten by Core Naturals - 60 gelcaps

Protecten softgels are an all natural oil based formulation for cardiovascular care that can also improve memory, lessen joint pain and aid gastrointestinal wellness. Protecten contains the Omega 3 goodness of genuine Salba? Seed Oil, Nanocosanol (Nano Dispersed Poicosanol) and Cranberol? Cranberry seed extracts for the ultimate in heart health. For maximum protection, O2B Peroxidation Blocker protects this product and you from the harmful effects of oxidation utilizing a revolutionary formula including Astaxanthin, one of the only antioxidants known to cross the blood-brain barrier. This product is not recommended for pregnant women. Suggested Use: Take two gelcaps with morning meal. Ingredients: Genuine Salba? (Salvia hispanica) Seed Oil, Cranberol Cranberry Seed Extract, Nanocosanol Dispersed Rice Bran Wax Policosanol, Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified water, O2B Stabilizer. Salba? Seed Oil Protecten by Core Naturals - 60 gelcaps