Uricinex stops the pain of gout

Uricinex gets to the root cause of your gout pain and suffering.  Uricinex helps your cells flush out metabolic acids and toxins, making pain a thing of the past.

Uricinex is a synergistic blend of nutrients which work at cell level to remove toxins and maintain a normal uric acid level.  Uricinex has been shown to reduce the excruciating pain of gout quickly.  In independent lab trials Uricinex was shown to be 99% effective in reversing gout symptoms and pain almost immediately and naturally.  When taken over an extended period Uricinex normalizes uric acid levels and reduces the probability of further attacks.

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Uricinex contains Cynara scolymus, artichoke, whose active ingredient cynarin helps with the excretion of urates.  This improves liver and gallbladder function, stimulates the sectretion of digestive juice, reduces cholesterol and prevents rheumatism.  Uricinex also contains Silymarin which helps strengthen liver cells, increases liver cell replication by 20 – 30% and reduces damage to liver and kidney cells caused by prescription drugs.  Uricinex contains Yucca schidigera which helps stop pain and contains powerful active ingredients which help arthritis and rheumatism.  The active ingredients are steroid saponins which are an intermediated compound to cortisone.  Uricinex includes Tumeric whose active ingredient curcumin has been found to be as effective as cortisone for acute inflammation.  Tumeric is an antioxidant, a blood fortifier, an anticarcinogenic and an antimicrobial.   Uricinex combines these ingredients, along with others, in a process which works at cellular level to drive out the toxins and allow the body to heal itself.

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Gout is often associated with kidney insufficiency and Uricinex helps optimize the liver and kidney systems.  Uricinex eliminates joint pain and inflammation, dissipates uric acid crystallization and provides targeted nutrients for healthy cells and tissues.

If you are not completely satisfied with Uricinex you have a full money back guarantee for 90 days.  Why suffer gout pain any more – buy  Uricinex now.

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